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The secret to smarter fleet management

Dedicated cars and vans for your business trips

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Create a corporate account

  • Optimise business journeys and travel between sites

  • Align fleet management with your CSR policy

  • Tackle grey fleet miles and associated costs

  • Monthly invoicing and a dedicated account manager

  • Introduce e-mobility to your fleet offering

You may need a fleet. But you don't need to manage it.


New, efficient vehicles with easy implementation of electric vehicles and the reduction of your fleet size.


Improve fleet utilisation with smart travel management through connected cars and digital processes.

Employee satisfaction

Intuitive digital platform for business journeys, with additional access to wider Ubeeqo fleet for personal use.

You get…

Vehicle management

  • Warranty and maintenance of hardware

  • Dedicated fleet team

  • Maintenance and parts, servicing, insurance and claims

  • Accident and roadside assistance

  • Fuel or charge card per vehicle

  • Electronic logbook

  • Hardware and software vehicle connectivity

On site service

  • Transfers to servicing garages and tyre changes

  • Interior and exterior cleaning

  • Vehicle delivery and return

  • Division by cost centre

Car sharing management

  • Carpooling options for your employees

  • Customer service hotline

  • Personalised reporting and monitoring

  • Private use management

  • Driving licence check

  • Online portal access to invite employees, check usage and expenditure

Corporate car sharing rates

Fixed fee

  • Fixed fee per vehicle per month

  • For companies that have or want a corporate fleet

  • Includes vehicle management, on site maintenance and customer support

  • Flexibly design for your business

  • Available anywhere in the UK