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A car when
you need one
from €3.50/hour

Book - Pay - Drive,
all with your smart

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Just simply use a car when you need one, from one hour to several days.
Say goodbye to the hassles and elevated costs related to car-ownership. With fuel, insurance and 50 miles all included per journey, you have a car
around the corner that you can book in one click.
Ubeeqo is 100% digital.


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Pick your car and dates and times you wish to book for


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  • Visit your granny

    Take your grandma for a lunch...
    From €3/hr in Berlin

  • Go fishing

    Get back home tanned...
    From £45/day in London

  • Go shopping!

    Bring your groceries home with Ubeeqo
    From €4/hr in Paris

There is a car next to you

Discover the closest parking - pick-up location.

"I almost bought a car. But I've decided to try Ubeeqo service to see it could support my family's need, as we use the car just to go grocery shopping and weekend trips. We were really surprised that Ubeeqo attended it perfectly, with good service and cheap price! Definitely a great alternative!! Incredible value for money"

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