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Modernise your travel policy by offering your employees a sustainable alternative to the company car more in line with their needs

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Opt for mobility credit and offer flexibility to your employees

Your employees all have different preferences when it comes to the way they travel. Whether its by train, bus, taxi, car, the company car is not always the best solution for everyone. Employees need flexibility.

Mobility credit, an attractive addition to your current car policy

Transform your car policy into a popular, multimodal and flexible mobility tool for your team. Industry reports show that company cars are often oversized. Ubeeqo offers an innovative solution by offering smaller cars or electric vehicles combined with Mobility credit.

All services are available online or via the app

Ubeeqo's 'one stop shop' for urban mobility. Employees are able to spend their Mobility credit with freedom and the company is invoiced at the end of the month for what the employee has used.

How is mobility credit calculated?

The value of the Mobility credit given is calculated by the total cost of the car the employee is entitled to, minus the cost of the smaller car they prefer to have. The Mobility credit is equivalent to the difference of the two.

Dedicated car sharing station at your office + mobility credit = the perfect match

In addition to mobility credit, Ubeeqo can provide your company with a network of vehicles for car sharing. This is an optimised pool car fleet that mobility credit users are able to book for business use. As an extra benefit, there is also the option to allow users to use the cars for personal use evenings and weekends with their own accounts.